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Strymon Zelzah

Produsent: Strymon
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Step on Zelzah, play one chord, and you’re instantly taken back to a world of classic phaser tones as they were always meant to sound, perfectly voiced, with tons of vibe. Vintage 4-stage and 6-stage phasing with controls that allow seamless transitions to vibrato, gorgeous flanging and chorus, and new sounds never heard before—all instantly musical with great tone all the way across every dial.

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Key Features

  • Two completely independent phasers which can run separately: in series, in parallel or split one 6-stage and one 4-stage phaser, independently accessible via their own footswitch and set of controls
  • 6-stage phaser with continuous range from phasing to flanging to chorus, all with adjustable resonance
  • 4-stage phaser with 3 sweep modes: Classic (traditional rise-and-fall LFO with voicings that change in character as the DEPTH knob is adjusted) barber (constantly rising LFO with +ve or -ve polarity) and envelope (touch sensitive env. phasing)
  • Switchable instrument/ line level input (High impedance ultra-low noise discrete Class A JFET preamp) and selectable true or buffered bypass
  • Dedicated 'Voice' control morphs between phasing and beautiful flanging, chorusing
  • Switchable Mono/Stereo (TRS) input, discrete L+R stereo outputs
  • EXP/MIDI: Connect a Strymon MiniSwitch for remote selection of a favorite setting, or a Strymon MultiSwitch Plus for access to 3 presets. Connect a MIDI controller to either a Strymon Conduit or a Strymon MIDI EXP cable for access to 300 preset locations.
  • USB-C jack: connect to a computer to control via MIDI and to update firmware
  • Analog dry path for a zero latency dry signal that is never converted to digital
  • High performance 480MHz ARM Superscalar processor, 32-bit floating point processing, 24-bit 96kHz A/D and D/A converters mean top audio quality
  • Dimensions: 4.5" deep x 7" wide x 1.75" tall (114.3 mm deep x 177.3 mm wide x 44.5 mm tall)
  • Designed and built in the USA