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XVIVE U4 Digitalt In-Ear trådløst system

The U4 personal wireless monitoring system delivers great sounding audio to your favorite in-ear monitors.
kr 2 810,00
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Line 6 Relay G10T Guitar Transmitter

Wireless transmitter, compatible with Spider V 240 HC, V 240, V 120 and V 60.
kr 1 399,00
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Sennheiser XSW 1-835 DUAL-E

Dobbelt trådløst mikrofonsystem
kr 6 650,00

Sennheiser EW-D 835-S SET (R1-6)

Digital wireless handheld set. Includes (1 ) EW-D EM digital 19 1/2" single channel receiver , (1) EW-D SKM​ digital handheld transmitter with mute switch, (1) MMD 835​ microphone module, (1) MZQ1​ microphone clip, (1) NT 12-5 CW+ power supply with country adapters​, (1) rack mount kit and AA batteries, frequency range: (520 - 576 MHz)
kr 6 650,00
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Sennheiser EW-D ME3 SET (R1-6)

Digitalt trådløst lavalier-sett, alt i ett, for de som synger eller taler og gjør bruk av Sennheisers renommerte ME 3 kardioide hodesett-mikrofon.
kr 7 125,00
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Sennheiser XSW 1-ME3-A

Trådløs hodebøylemikrofon
kr 3 800,00
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Trådløst system
kr 3 025,00
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Alto Professional BLUETOOTH TOTAL

XLR-Equipped Rechargeable Bluetooth Receiver
kr 549,00
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Boss WL-30XLR

Plug & Play Wireless Mic Experience
kr 3 240,00
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Line 6 Relay G10S Guitar Receiver/Transmitter

Stompbox-sized pedal, Up to 40m range line-of-sight, 24-bit lossless digital sound quality, Rugged metal construction, XLR DI output, Built-in rechargeable battery, Automatic or Manual frequency selection, External power supply included, 9V DC power
kr 2 989,00
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