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Adam Hall Stands SKS 05 Keyboard

Universal stand for keyboards and equipment | pris pr stk
kr 889,00
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MPC Live II will super charge your production. With MIDI performance to tap in to as many devices as you need, an intuitive and streamlined layout not to mention the MPC workflow features you need; 16 Levels, Note Repeat, Auto Sample, Chords & Notes More and so much more. Get ready to level up to the MPC Live II.
kr 13 049,00

Akai MPK Mini Play MK3

Mini Controller Keyboard With Speakers
kr 1 499,00
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Alctron KS06B

Påbygning for plass til et ekstra keyboard til Alctron KS600B
kr 445,00 kr 695,00

Alctron KS600B

Solid og stilig keyboardstativ som tåler keyboard opptil 100kg

kr 1 595,00 kr 2 295,00

Arturia Drumbrute Impact

Streamlined analog drum machine with high-energy, big-attitude sounds.
kr 3 195,00


ARTURIA Microfreak Gooseneck Microphone
kr 320,00

Arturia Microbrute Analog Synt

I MicroBrute fins alle de grunnleggende byggestenene som forventes i en klassisk analog synth, sammen med helt unike Arturia-funksjoner som f. eks. Brute factor og Metalizer.
kr 3 150,00
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Arturia Microfreak Synthesizer

A synthesizer like no other, MicroFreak is a peculiar, exceptional instrument that rewards the curious musician. It blends wavetable and digital oscillators with analog filters. It features a unique poly-aftertouch flat keyboard. It adds controlled randomness to sequences. This isn’t a revolution, it’s a mutiny.
kr 3 695,00
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Synthesizer med vocoder
kr 4 375,00
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Arturia Minibrute-2 An. Synth

Arturia MiniBrute-2 semi-modular analog monosynth with attitude.
kr 5 695,00
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ARTURIA Minibrute-2 Noir, Analog Synth, Black

Semi-modular analog monosynth with attitude in black
kr 5 695,00
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