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Strymon Big Sky Multi Reverb

Clear Skies Ahead.
kr 5 829,00
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Strymon Blue Sky Reverberator

Lush, Majestic Reverbs. Insane DSP Power.
kr 3 669,00
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Strymon Brigadier dBucket Delay

Destroy the Analog / Digital Divide.
kr 3 990,00
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Strymon Compadre compressor and clean/dirty boost

Your Dream Tone Starts Here.
kr 3 669,00
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Strymon Conduit MIDI hub

Conduit is a premium, easily configurable, ultra-reliable MIDI interface that will work with just about any quarter-inch MIDI-equipped effects pedals. Conduit offers the best USB computer connection for any TRS MIDI pedal.
kr 1 919,00
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Strymon DC Power cable right angle 18"/46cm 5 pack

Five 18" rugged and reliable cables for connecting the majority of popular effect pedals to a Strymon Ojai or Zuma power supply.
kr 319,00
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