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Strymon Iridium Amp and IR Cab simulator

Produsent: Strymon
SKU: 9355936
kr 4 709,00
Go Direct With Gorgeous Tone.
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• 24 bit/96kHz 500 millisecond (!) specification* (a world first for hardware) mean sounds WAY ahead of Helix, Fractal, and Kemper, providing a complete set of massively detailed amp/cab tones—preamp, tone stack, power amp, and cab • 3 ‘Matrix Modeled’™ amp models on board, based on Fender Deluxe™, Vox AC30TB™, Marshall Plexi Super Lead ’59™ • 9 IR cabinet models on board, (300 via EXP-MIDI). • USB socket: load IR files + FW updates; load your own IR's using Strymon’s free Impulse Manager software • Simple, amp-style bass, mid and treble controls allow exact recreation/hot-rodding of classic tones. • Dedicated drive and level controls • Dedicated ambience control combines 256ms impulse responses w. reverb for extended lush decay. • Mono/Mono Sum/Stereo in (can be set for inst. or line level, discrete analogue JFET input stage provides up to 22dB of gain) and Mono/Stereo out • EXP input to connect MultiSwitch Plus, MiniSwitch or MIDI/EXP cable to access 300 presets and MIDI automation • Discrete transistor headphone socket allows silent rehearsal/latency free monitoring via 25-70 Ohm headphones. • Note: Iridium should not be used in front of a real amplifier; it is for direct to PA and direct recording environments.