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Produsent: Proel
SKU: 3389414
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MQ is a series of mixers created by PROEL to offer in a very compact and stylish package a high input density, 
a full set of features and a superior audio quality, at a very convenient price point. The MQ series includes 
5 models with 6, 10, 12 and 16 inputs, able to satisfy most of the sound reinforcement applications. Carefully 
designed and engineered in Italy by PROEL R&D, MQ mixers are hosted in ultra-rugged cases, providing extended 
durability for a stage-proof use.
The smallest models of the series, MQ6 and MQ6FX, offer in an ultra-compact format the performance of 
professional consoles, delivering a clean and accurate sound. The MQ6FX, despite its small size, includes 
a high-quality 24-bit DSP able to provide musicians and performers with studio-grade effects.
MQ10FX, together with 3-band EQ and one-knob intelligent COMPRESSORS, offers also 100 DSP presets 
with a convenient LED display for the selection.
MQ12USB additional features include an USB audio I/O interface and extended mixing capability with 
MONITOR send, STEREO GROUP bus and 45mm control faders.
The top-of-the-line MQ16USB feature 16 inputs and 12 microphone channels together with sweep mids 
and one-knob intelligent COMPRESSORS on mono channels, 4 AUX sends, STEREO GROUP bus and 60mm control faders.
Optional padded carrying bags and metal brackets for 19 rack mounting are available for selected models.

- Compact 10-input 2-bus mixer with effect
- 2 MONO MIC/LINE inputs, 2 STEREO MIC/LINE inputs and 2 STEREO LINE inputs
- 4 low-noise, very high-headroom microphone preamplifiers
- PHANTOM power
- One-knob COMPRESSOR with LED indicator on MONO channels
- 3-band EQ and LO-CUT filter
- 1 EFFECT send
- 24bit studio-grade digital effect with 100 presets, 2-digit display and footswitch MUTE
- Electronically balanced MAIN MIX outputs with XLR-M and ¼ JACK connectors
- Stage-proof construction and ultra-rugged metal chassis
- Designed and engineered in Italy by PROEL

Mic Input	sensitivity	from -10 to -50 dB	Balanced XLR-F
 		impedance	2 Kohm	 
Line Input	sensitivity	from +20 to -20 dB	Balanced JACK
 		impedance	10 Kohm	 
Lo cut	 	75Hz, 18dB/oct.	 
EQ		HIGH (shelving)	±15 dB @ 12KHz 	 
 		MID (peaking)	±15 dB @ 2.5KHz 	 
 		LOW (shelving)	±15 dB @ 80Hz	 
Compressor	Fet	CH 1-2, 1-knob

Mic Input	sensitivity	from -10 to -50 dB	Balanced XLR-F
 		impedance	2 Kohm	 
Line Input	sensitivity	from +20 to -20 dB	Balanced JACK
 		impedance	10 Kohm	 
Line Input	sensitivity	-10 dB	Balanced JACK, RCA
 		impedance	10 Kohm	 
EQ		HIGH (shelving)	±15 dB @ 12KHz	 
 		MID (peaking)	±15 dB @ 2.5KHz	 
 		LOW (shelving)	±15 dB @ 80H

MAIN MIX	nom. out level	+4 dBu	Balanced JACK and XLR-M
C. ROOM output	nom. out level	0 dBu	Unbalanced JACK
FX/AUX output	nom. out level	0 dBu	Unbalanced JACK
HEADPHONES	min. impedance  32 ohm	 
 		max. out level	(2x) 193 mW	Stereo JACK

Effects	 			100 presets	 
A/D and D/A converters	 	24 bit	 
DSP resolution	 		24 bit	 
Controls	 		2-DIGIT display, DIAL, PEAK LED, MUTE switch, MUTE footswitch

Maximum level	all outputs	+22 dBu	 
Crosstalk	meas. at 1 KHz	> 82 dBu	 
HUM & Noise	unweighted	< -93 dBu	 
THD + Noise	at +4dB, 1kHz	< 0,008 %	 
Dimensions (WxHxD)	 	275 x 279 x 81 mm	 
Weight	 			2,50 kg	 

Supply	 			18 VAC 1000 mA - use only supplied AC/AC ADAPTER	 
Mains Supply Voltage	 	110-120 VAC (±10%) 50 / 60 Hz (US plug)	 
 				230-240 VAC (±10%) 50 / 60 Hz (EU plug)	 
 				240 VAC (±10%) 50 / 60 Hz (UK plug)	 
Consumption	 		34 W