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Pearl TH-1030I Tom Holder, Gyro-Lock System, Extra Short Arm

Produsent: Pearl
SKU: 7623664
kr 1 429,00
The TH1030I Tom Holder features a Gyro-Lock tilter for rachetless, multi-axis adjustment, and hinged, form-fitting stop locks to hold placement and position under the constant stress of the concert stage.
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The TH1030I incorporates our Gyro-Lock technology that provides an infinite range of angles for fine positioning of your drums, one keybolt for quicker setting, and stop locks for slip-free and repeatable set ups. The tom arm offer dependable drum positioning never before possible. It is available in three sizes as the TH1030, TH1030I and TH1030S.



Gyro-Lock Tilter


7/8" Diameter Post

14" x 3"