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1/2" Tom arm;With SM780 1" Memory Lock ;
kr 568,00
5+ på lager
For attaching a tom on to a stand ;With ball joint ;To screw on to almost every type of cymbal stand ;L-arm 1/2";
kr 1 090,00
10+ på lager
For mounting two toms;L-tom arms with ball joint;Integrated multi clamp for attachment of a cymbal arm;Single extendable stand;Removable memory clamps;Double braced;Airlift system for easy height adjustment;
kr 5 402,00
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Mount with 7/8" diameter;Gear tilter boom;For mounting cowbells, wood blocks, tambourines and other accessories (1 piece);
kr 1 105,00
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Mounts to bass drum counter hoop. 9.5mm post for cowbell mount. Two mini L-rods to mount woodblock (1 piece);
kr 335,00
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Fits 8”, 10”, 12”, 13”, and 14” tom sizes;Moveable tension rod ;Mounts with drum key locks ;Rubber guard to protect drum;
kr 692,00
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Standard Tom / Floor Tom mount;Fits 9,5 - 12,7 mm L-Rod Tom mount or Floor Tom legs;With square-head bolt;
kr 438,00
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Super Tom / Floor Tom Mount;Fits 9,5 - 12,7 mm L-Rod Tom mount or Floor Tom legs;With wing screw;
kr 460,00
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