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Pearl Roadster, Vented Round Seat Type, Low Height Drum Throne |

Produsent: Pearl
SKU: 8297345
kr 2 284,00
D-1500S Roadster Drum Throne, Multi-Core Donut Seat Type, Low Height
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Essential for extended and efficient performance, Pearl Roadster thrones feature advanced ergonomic design and a selection of computer-tempered cushion tops to provide support and ease joint pressure during long sessions. Made specifically for a lower profile ride, the D1500S features a donut-shaped Multi-Core Foam cushion, with multiple layers of varied density foam for better playing and improved feel. Its durable tripod includes Pearl's exclusive Lock/Spin System, allowing the cushion to be secured in place or free spinning depending on preference. •15" Vented Round Seat •Multi-Core stacked variable density foam •Lock/Spin Reversible Stoplock System •Optional Backrest •Height : 445-615mm