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Nobels - Mounty-P Set - Pedal mounting plate kit

Produsent: NOBELS
SKU: 7730031
kr 49,00
Nobels - Mounty-P Set - Pedal mounting plate kit
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MOUNTY-P Small black, metal mounting plates to attach our pedal units to any surface! If you play live and are serious about your set up then screw your effects down with Nobels Mounty-Ps. Velcro is great if you are bedroom player or constantly swap your stuff around but is a liability for gigging and gathering hair. The Mounty-Ps cost next to nothing and are cleverly designed. No chance of you opening up your pedal case to find your carefully arranged pedals in a heap all scratched up. Mounty-Ps work with big heavy multi units all the way down to mini pedals. Nobels Mounyt-Ps, a much more elegant solution to hook and loop tape. One set consists of: 4 Mounty-P´s plus 4 screws.