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Markbass Marcus Miller CMD 101 Micro 60-1x10” + TWEETER | 60WThis is not just a practice amp, the sound quality delivered by this 60W small combo is really impressive. At Markbass we are unable to make something not sounding sound good, we always use the best components to achieve a full, round Markbass sound! Great choice for small gigs and recording and, thanks to the balanced output, you canconnect it to a mixer/PA, then using it as a small personal monitor. This compact combo amp section also features level control, 3- band EQ, aux in, headphone out, speaker on/off switch. Key points-LIGHT WEIGHT AND PORTABILITY / GREAT SOUNDThis is one of the most compact and lightweight combo on the market, and it certainly is the loudest one, delivering incredible bottom end and best quality sound for its size as we know how important it is for both beginners and professional players. Now you can get great tone in a very compact package, with best portability!-SIMPLE AND EFFECTIVE CONTROLSThe simple and effective 3- band EQ controls section gives you lots of tonal freedom which allows you to easily tailor your sound.-EXTERNAL SPEAKER CAPABILITY / XLR OUTPUT CONNECTIONThe MARCUS MILLER CMD 101 MICRO 60 can be connected to an 8 ohm extension cabinet, giving you a louder rig! It is not a toy... and it is not only a practice amp. It can be used also for small gigs and recording, and thanks to the balanced output you can connect it to a mixer/PA and use it as small personal monitor.-HEADPHONE OUT / AUX INThe amp section includes a headphones output, and an aux input for iPod or MP3 players. A switch on the rear panel turns off the speaker so you can practice anywhere and anytime you like.