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Little Mark 250 Black Line The Black Line version of Little Mark 250 offers the same features as the standard Little Mark 250. The Black Line products are made using the same cutting-edge technology, high-quality components and the same quality control standards that apply to all of our products.The Little Mark 250 Black Line is a smart, inexpensive choice for those who don’t need the full power of a 500W head. It’s great for practicing, rehearsing, and small gigs.INPUTSINPUT: impedance 500 Kohm, max. voltage 15 VppBALANCED INPUT (XLR): impedance 100 Kohm, max. voltage 25 VppEFFECT RETURN: impedance 33 Kohm, max. voltage 10 VppCONTROLSGAIN: -60 dB to +23 dB rangeMASTER VOLUME LINE OUT LEVEL GROUND LIFT (switch on rear panel)PRE/POST EQ (switch on rear panel)EQUALIZATIONLOW: center frequency: 40 Hz; level: ±16 dBLOW MID: center frequency: 360 Hz, level: ±16 dBHIGH MID: center frequency: 800 Hz, level: ±16 dBHIGH: center frequency: 10 kHz, level: ±16 dBVPF (Variable Pre-shape Filter) center frequency 380 Hz VLE (Vintage Loudspeaker Emulator) frequency range 250 Hz-20 kHz OUTPUTSLINE OUT: balanced XLR, max. voltage 20 VppEFFECT SEND: unbalanced, max. voltage 20 Vpp (pre-EQ)TUNER OUT: unbalanced, max. voltage 2 VppSPEAKER OUT: speakon/1/4" combo, 1/4" OTHERWEIGHT: 5.07 lbs / 2.3 KgWIDTH: 10.87 in. / 27.6 cmDEPTH: 9.84 in. / 25 cmHEIGHT: 3.27 in. / 8.3 cmOUTPUT POWER: 250W RMS @ 4 ohms / 150W RMS @ 8 ohmPOWER REQUIREMENT: 100/120V; 230V; 240V - 50/60Hz (Voltage is factory preset according to region of sale)Minimum ohm load for all Markbass heads is 4 ohms.Markbass amps/combos are manufactured to be sold and used in the country of purchase, and they are factory preset to that country’s voltage. Due to homologation issues, the voltage may not be changed.Rack ears do not come included with this head.Product specifications are subject to change without notice.