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DV "RAW DAWG" EG Eric Gales signatureBrukermanualPower output: 250W @ 4ohm / 150W @ 8ohm Preamp: TubePower Amp: MPT (Mark Proprietary Technology)Channels: SingleControls: Level / EQ: Bass-mid-high / ReverbEffect: ReverbSpeaker outputs: 4 ohms minimum load Dimensions (W/H/D): 22.5cm | 8cm | 25cm Weight: 2.6 KgOther features: Pre Out (with -6 / 0 db switch)FX LoopFootswitch input for reverb switch / muteAs it happened in the bass world, we’ve been the first introducing lightweight, portable, powerful and great sounding heads on the guitar market. Thanks to the great success of the DV Micro 50 and DV Little 250 heads we added many new models and we created a brand new series where any guitar player will find the right amp matching his needs and music style. When ERIC GALES tried DV Mark amps for the first time in a recording studio he was blown away by their tone! He recorded ALL his new album “Middle of the Road” using exclusively DV Mark amps! After that he needed something perfectly tailored on his needs, style and taste, so he worked together with Marco De Virgiliis to develop an amp that can deliver 100% of what his soul wants to express and deliver to the crowd.He just wanted a single sparkling and powerful channel with a big power amp to get huge headroom and dynamic. The DV "Raw Dawg" EG is a great sounding single channelhead featuring an amazing Clean tone powered by a 6205 tube in the preamp section. Thanks to that, Eric can get a great super clean sound to use all his favorite pedals with, always getting that typical tube bite on it. A great sounding Reverb and a 250W MPT power amp complete this black beauty!