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Alctron EPP20 Flat

Produsent: Alctron
SKU: 0439168
kr 495,00
Akustikk-plate for studiomonitorer, 190mm x 245mm . Pris pr stk
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The Alctron EPP20 flat monitor pad eliminates resonant coupling from the nearfield speaker to the stand, giving you the most accurate sound possible from your monitor. The EPP20 also provides a stable base for your monitor, with a non-slip neoprene top surface and multi-layer, multi-material construction. With the added mass of a laser-cut steel plate sandwiched by isolation foam, plus a high-density urethane foam base, the anti-recoil design of the EPP20 is both stable and amazingly effective. Features: Anti-recoil design Non-slip neoprene top surface High-density urethane foam base Laser-cut steel plate sandwiched by isolation foam for added mass 190mm x 245mm x 68mm 6mm tick steel plate Flat Load limit 15 kg