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Alctron EPP1523B

Produsent: Alctron
SKU: 5516339
kr 995,00
Amplifier/Loudspeaker Isolation Riser
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Better Sound for Studio and Stage Clarity - get it with EPP1523B isolation risers. You've invested time and money in finding the right gear, so take a step towards getting the clarity and definition you need, be it from your studio monitoring setup or your favorite tube guitar amplifier. Using an isolation riser decouples your sound source from its surroundings, preventing low end waves from traveling through floors and walls, muddying up your sound, and masking the frequencies essential to sonic definition. Don't second guess your gear choices, get the clarity you want by putting an EPP1523B isolation riser to work for you and your sound! The EPP1523B is optimal for use onstage or in the studio under guitar and bass rigs. You get a clearer response from speakers and less low end radiating from the cabinets. It's also useful underneath floor monitors to give you more definition for vocal monitoring. No matter what you put on it, isolating sound on stage means you can keep the volume lower, so you'll have less feedback and stage noise to deal with. Features: Better mid- and low-frequency definition for clarity Isolates your gear from the floor to stop low end rumbles Gives you nearly total acoustic isolation for better tone New easy-grab handle for easy transport Road-ready carpet durable and rugged for years of use Lower profile for increased stability Supports most amps, speaker cabinets, subs, and monitors Dimensions: 59cm long x 28cm wide x 7cm high Weight Limit: 136 kg