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Zildjian ZGS12 12 GAUGE STICKS

Produsent: Zildjian
SKU: 1750467
kr 135,00
The 12 Gauge drumsticks provide more volume with less effort, allowing for more power with great throw and rebound around the drum kit.
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Lagd med samme omsorg og kvalitetsstandard som Zildjians cymbaler og de er selvfølgelig helt rette.

Zildjian Gauge Drumsticks are designed for all styles of music. Each of the five models (6, 8, 9, 10 and 12 gauge) have a different diameter, but feature a consistent length, taper, and the new ‘fusion’ style tip shape, a hybrid between the popular acorn tip and round tip. The change in size between each gauge is proportional, allowing a seamless adjustment when using each model.

The 12 Gauge drumsticks are the largest sticks in the Gauge series -- perfect for the player looking for ultimate power without sacrificing feel. Fusion tip shape combines elements of an acorn and a round tip for bright,focused cymbal sounds.

  • Diameter: 15,49mm (0.610")
  • Length: 406,4 mm (16")
  • Natural Finish
  • Wood tip