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Yamaha YC88 Stage keyboard

Produsent: Yamaha
SKU: 3646329
kr 29 999,00
Stage piano, 88 tangenter
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Yamaha Stage Keyboard YC88

Designed for performance, YC Stage Keyboards feature Virtual Circuitry Modeling (VCM) Organ technology with physical Drawbars, extensive real-time control, and authentic acoustic / electric piano and FM synth sound.

A musician with a strong affinity for the piano and/or even an appropriate education will appreciate the YC88’s “Natural Wood Graded Hammer” keyboard. In addition, the excellent tuning of the keyboard to the sound generation enables a dynamic that comes very close to playing on an acoustic piano.

Nevertheless, the YC88 offers all the important sounds from the immense range of the YC Series beyond the excellent classical pianos and e.pianos. For example, when playing an organ, a second keyboard can be integrated via MIDI - all other sounds can be controlled, too. Individual assignments for external keyboards can be saved for each individual Live Set.