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Yamaha YC73 Stage Keyboard

Produsent: Yamaha
SKU: 8020325
kr 29 296,25
Stage piano, 73 tangenter
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YC73 Stage Keyboard with Drawbar Organ with Balanced Hammer Action/

The YC73 is the ideal model for the keyboardist who wants to cover the widest possible range of sounds. And that with a still compact size, a very comfortable weight, and direct and intuitive access to all important parameters for sound design. Using the MIDI Master Mode the larger keyboard range already allows three Split Zones, using internal sounds and in combination with external sound generators. Another criterion that should not be underestimated is the fact that not every keyboardist needs a keyboard with 88 keys or is used to it from a piano. The “Balanced Hammer Standard” keyboard of the YC73 lies in a pleasant “middle” between the other two keyboard versions.