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Wincent W-MDS Mikkey Dee Signature (2B-type, Hickory)

Produsent: WINCENT
SKU: 7696336
kr 132,00
Mikkey Dee signaturmodell. Diameter: 15,8 mm (.622"). Lengde: 410 mm (16,14").
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12Oslo - Schous plass
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A formidable set of tools fit for a true metal drumming legend, Mikkey Dee designed his Signature Wincent drumsticks (W-MDS) for power, projection, and durability. With an imposing cut similar to a 2B, its fat Acorn tip and medium taper deliver an accelerated, punishing top-end strike while standing up to heavy play. Butt-End Branded with the Scorpion's Sting, each stick is stone-ground in Sweden from choice American Hickory, and Wincent's Unique Wax Protection (UWP) treatment assures better grip, increased durability and extended playing lifetime.