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Thomastik-Infeld Strings for Acoustic Guitar Plectrum Acoustic Series Set - AC111

Produsent: Thomastik-Infeld
SKU: 7445419
kr 272,00
Strings for Acoustic Guitar Plectrum Acoustic Series - Set ,011 - ,014 - ,019 - ,027 - ,036 - ,050
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PLECTRUM BRONZE strings are characterised by their combination of lower total tension and their different combinations of flat wound and round wound strings. The wound strings have a silk inlay for precise, balanced overtones and a beautiful almost classic, warm sound.. Easy to play like a set of good jazz strings. Becasue of the low, evenly distributed tension, PLECTRUMs can significantly extend the life of older guitars with thin tops or other age-related weaknesses. AC 111 Light .011-.050. Treble: brass-plated, plain steel strings, G + D + A strings bronze flat wound, E-string bronze round wound;String tension 56.8 kp