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Rotosound RS555LD Solo Bass 55 - 5-str 45-130

Produsent: ROTOSOUND
SKU: 3690617
kr 719,00
string set electric bass 5 linea pressure wound 45-130, standard gauge
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Another first designed in 1977 by James How is the stainless steel bass string with his patented linea pressure-wound finish.

Once the string is wound a rolling technique is applied under pressure which displaces the crown of each winding producing a flat that reduces finger noise and friction thus allowing for more rapid finger movement.

The linea effect accentuates the middle frequencies resulting in a tone quite different from a normal round-wound string.

Great for studio work when tackling quieter musical passages.

045-065-085-105-130 long scale

The original ‘pressure wound’ Bass string designed in the mid 70’s. Due to rolling, mass is retained and therefore brightness. Solo Bass strings eliminate finger noise, reduce fret wear, work well on fretless basses and excel in the studio.