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Pearl PSP 3 PC Shell Pack13X9TT,16X16FT,22X14BX

Produsent: Pearl
SKU: 0297211
kr 29 579,00
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A testament to Pearl's 75 year odyssey of drum quality and advancement, Pearl President Series Deluxe drums are a modern take on a familiar favorite. 
Culled from the very origins of The World's Largest Drum Company, President Deluxe Series revives the darkly unique tonality of Lauan Shells for a traditionally full, controlled playing experience. Presenting prime vintage style without the shortcomings of yesterday's fittings, President Series Deluxe features a recasting of our classic "Battleship" lug and adjustable tone mufflers on each drum. 
The elegant identity of Pearl's original script badge and classic bass drum logo augment the swirling flash of a choice of our new Ripple covered finishes. Each President Series Deluxe drum kit comes standard with Remo CS "Black Dot" UK heads, classic felt bass drum muffling strip, bass drum shell-mounted cymbal holder, and adjustable "Gullwing" style bass drum spurs.