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NUX NSS-5 Solid StudioRewiew GI MagazineSolid Studio IR Power Amp SimulatorSpecification8 Speaker Cabinets8 Microphones and 3 Mic. Positions3 Power Amp TubesMaster, Drive and Presence Controls (Power Amp)Simulation Dedicated Output and DI OutThru OutputThru Output Modes (Line / Speaker)Input Level Switch (-10dB / +4dB)USB Port for loading 3rd party IR files, software control and firmware updateThe New Era of Mic-ing!NUX Solid Studio was created and designed to address: limited gear availability, and the cumbersome transport reality of physical amp/speaker cabinets.NUX is proud to introduce the new Verdugo series Solid Studio IR Power Amp simulator, a pedal version of the most classic amp/cabinet scenarios including microphones and poweramp tubes. Over many years of research, Solid Studio was specifically developed to fill the essential needs of discerning musicians and sound technicians, including the art of mic-ing instrument amplifiers on stage or in the studio. Solid Studio provides ease-of-use, reliability, versatility, and, above all, incredible audio quality.Virtual mic-ing is achieved by choosing 1 cabinet and 1 microphone, and fine-tuning the position of the microphone using the mic position switch. Plus, you can add the tube sound by engaging the power amp simulation. What's Inside?Solid Studio comes with 8 speaker cabinet simulations. All the cabinet models inside the Solid Studio are sounds great as original as the way it feels. 8 Built-in Cabinets:JZ120 Roland Jazz120 DR112 Fender Deluxe Reverb 112 BS410 Fender Bassman 410 A212 VOX AC30 212 TR212 Fender Twin Reverb 212 1960 Marshall 1960A 412 GB412 Celestion Greenback 412 V412 Celestion Vintage30 412 8 Microphones: DYN421 Sennheiser MD421 S57 Shure SM57 U87 Neumann U87 R122 Royer R-122 R121 Royer R-121 C414 AKG C414 C3000 AKG C3000 B52 Shure Beta52 Impulse Response (IR) LoaderYou can easily emulate the sound of any guitar cabinet by loading different IRs (Impulse Responses) to NUX Solid Studio. The internet is a huge library and you can find many different IR's (both paid and free). And you can add into Solid Studio to use whenever you want. (Currently, we are developing a software for Solid Studio and there will be more information soon)IR CaptureYou can capture any of your favorite amplifiers sound and create your own IR file by Solid Studio. Place the microphone to the front of the speaker and adjust the capturing position as you desire. How to capture and create an IR file:- Hold both foot switches, and plug-in the power cable. IR Capture mode will be activated.- Make the connections between the Solid Studio, amplifier, microphone preamp and the microphone. (Check the IR Capture connection figure above)- Choose a preset where you want to save your own IR file. (8 cabs * 3 mic positions * 8 mics = 192 patches)- Press "Cab" foot switch, this will send the impulse signal and it will run from power amp to the speaker. Then your microphone will capture the impact sound and send the signal to the Solid Studio's input.Your very own IR file is ready to use.