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Produsent: Markbass
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Markbass Traveler 102P-8The Traveler 102P-8 is one of the smallest and lightest 2x10" cabinets on the market. It can be used in either a vertical or horizontal position. Perfect for club gigs, this cab especially shines when added to a Traveler 151P for a punchy, full-range sound.IMPEDENCE 8 ohmsSPEAKER SIZE: 2x10 in.BASS PORT: rearTWEETER: piezoPOWER HANDLING: 400W RMS (AES Standard)CROSSOVER FREQUENCY: 3.5 kHzFREQUENCY RESPONSE: 45 Hz to 18 kHzSENSITIVITY: 101 dB SPLWEIGHT: 12.6 Kg WIDTH: 59 cmHEIGHT: 32 cmDEPTH: 43.5 cmThis cabinet is available in both 4 ohm (T102P-4) (varenummer 162011) and 8 ohm (T102P-8) (varenummer 162030) versions.Product specifications are subject to change without notice.Product specifications are subject to change without noticeMARKBASS Traveler 102P-8 produktark