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Produsent: Kawai
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GARANTIVILKÅR for Kawai DigitalpianoKAWAI DG-30 DIGITAL GRANDThe modern digital piano that leaves a grand impressionA notable addition to any living space, the impressive DG30 combines Kawai's highly-regarded Responsive Hammer III keyboard action, stunning acoustic piano sounds, and convenient Bluetooth® connectivity, within a luxurious grand piano-like cabinet that is destined to inspire players of all ages and abilities.HIGHLIGHTS- Authentic Responsive Hammer III keyboard action- Ivory Touch key surfaces, triple sensor, let-off, counterweights - Progressive Harmonic Imaging sound with 88-key sampling- Shigeru Kawai SK-EX Kawai EX concert grand piano sounds-- Audio technologies developed with Onkyo, 40W speaker system- Integrated Bluetooth® MIDI and Audio wireless technology- MP3/WAV/SMF playback, record, and overdub to USB- Built-in classical etudes and Alfred lesson books- Attractive, compact grand piano cabinet with 2-position topboard- High quality Ebony Polish finish with silver-chrome fittingsColor: BlackKawai Global · Etude in C Major Op. 10, No. 1 (Chopin) - Dominic CheliKawai DG30