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Hohner C-Sopran, 2-parts B95850, wooden body, plastic head in ivory, german

Produsent: Hohner
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Hohner C-Sopran, 2-parts. Wooden body, plastic head in ivory. GermanStart right awayPlaying music is fun because you can explore a whole new world, alone or with friends, by playing existing songs or to your own tune.Our recorders are designed specifically for small learners. The hole distance was optimized for children, and thanks to the narrow mouthpiece they are incredibly comfortable to play. Being the first recorder with a head node made from antibacterial plastic and a body from wood, the recorders combine the advantages of a plastic instrument with the warm, mellow sound of a wooden recorder. Depending on your preference, they are available in German and Baroque fingering, as a 2 or 3-piece.Tuning: sopranoColor: ivory Fingering: GermanCorpus: pearwoodHead node: plasticConstruction: 2-piecePacking: color carton / softcase