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Drum Workshop Drummer Thrones 9000 Series - 9100M

SKU: 4227921
kr 3 258,00
Memory/securing clamp;Spindle height adjustable;Double braced;Round, thickly padded seat with 14" diameter;Sitting height approx. 50-74 cm;
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At DW Workshop the „The Drummers Choice®“ is more than a slogan, it´s a fact. After more than 30 years of innovation and demon for efforts, to optimize the way drum products are made, DW drums, pedals and hardware have become the standard for everyone else. Working at DW drums requires more than just the sufficient knowledge of an instrument or a few good ideas: it requires pure passion for the best design and a perfect production. DW investigates constantly to optimize things and tries to give impulses to reach the soul of the drummer.Exclusive distribution for Europe.