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DiMarzio EP1108

Produsent: DiMarzio
SKU: 6088435
kr 160,00
Mini-switch on/on/on
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EP1108 3-way DPDT Mini-Switch On/On/On._x000D_ _x000D_ DiMarzio was founded on the spirit of continuous improvement and a passionate reverence for our vintage roots. Our parts hold to these same ideals, because we know that the performance of your pickups is only as good as the parts connecting them. So, we searched the industry for the most robust, reliable, and finest sounding electrical parts to offer our customers, including many parts that are custom-built specifically for DiMarzio._x000D_ Larry DiMarzio was actually the first tech to introduce a mini-toggle to increase the switching options in a guitar. Since then, guitarists have found countless ways to use one or more of these switches on a single instrument, such as coil tapping, simple pickup selection, phase reversal, and any number of creative combinations. If space is an issue, and you need more switching options, check out our industry standard four pole double throw 4PDT EP1111 three-way toggle._x000D_ The threaded shaft is 11/32” (8.731mm) in height, housing a standard-throw, two-position toggle. Shaft diameter is standard 1/4” (6.35mm). Two nuts, a finish washer, and a saw-tooth lock washer are included for easy installation.