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D'Addario EFW74 Flatwound Mandolin Strings, Stainless Steel, Medium, 11-36

Produsent: D'ADDARIO
SKU: 5621393
kr 235,00
Strengesett Mandolin Flat Wound 011-036 Medium
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FW74 Medium Mandolin, Flatwound._x000D_ D'Addario Flatwound Mandolin are constructed using a complex combination of interlocking underwindings on a hex core, which builds the foundation for a delicate outer flat (ribbon) winding. This unique design allows the strings to vibrate freely, creating a true, clear sound and an ultra-glatt feel. Created for jazz, classical and folk players, they deliver unparalleled comfort for playing closed position fingerings and along the fretboard._x000D_ _x000D_ • Flat Wound Mandolin._x000D_ • Løkke-ende konstruksjon passer de fleste Mandoliner._x000D_ • Varm tone og smooth feel, er perfekt for jazz og klassisk Mandolin._x000D_ _x000D_ _x000D_ Settet består av:_x000D_ • FW7401 E 011._x000D_ • FW7401 E 011._x000D_ • FW7402 A 015._x000D_ • FW7402 A 015._x000D_ • FW7403 D 026._x000D_ • FW7403 D 026._x000D_ • FW7404 G 036._x000D_ • FW7404 G 036.