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Cort CM30R

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Produsent: Cort
SKU: 4811963
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The new CM30R offers the same new enhanced exterior design as the 15R but with twice the 
power output for musicians who need a compact yet powerful amplifier for practicing with a 
loud band and performing in smaller-sized venues.

Enhanced Design
The all-new exterior exudes class and sophistication with multi-color tolex options 
(black, dark blue or dark red) accented with cream tolex on top and front and cream-colored knobs. 
Handsome and compact, the new design offers easy portability as well as easy access to the recessed 
controls on top.

10 Speaker
The compact 10 speaker is efficient with plenty of power-handling capacity and can 
get surprisingly loud, making it ideal for practice with other band members in a 
controlled volume environment. The sound is clear and balanced, allowing your playing 
style and character to come through without coloration.

Sound Controls
The CM30R offers a wide range of clean and overdrive sounds with a sparkling clean channel 
and a rich-sounding overdrive channel with independent gain and volume controls and a 3-band 
EQ with the treble, middle and bass knobs specifically tailored to the sonic range of the 
electric guitar. The gain control provides a wide range of overdrive from bluesy crunch to 
over-the-top modern distortion. The push-button channel selector allows you to switch from 
the clean channel to overdrive/distortion channel and back easily, making the CM30R a very 
versatile amp in its class.

Clean/Crunch & Gain Channel
Besides the new exterior, Corts engineers have also worked extensively on redesigning the 
circuits to improve the sound quality as well as offering a wider range of usable guitar 
tones without adding more knobs and switches. The channel selector switch takes you from 
warm and sparkling vintage clean and crunch sounds to modern high-gain distortion sounds 
instantly while being sensitive to your guitars volume knob changes and your pick attack. 
Whatever the setting, the new circuits provide versatility and flexibility while keeping the 
amplifier compact and portable.

Bluetooth Compatible
The CM30R is Bluetooth compatible so that you can stream music from your smartphone, tablet or 
computer to the amp and play along, making your practice sessions that more effective and enjoyable.

Digital Reverb
The warm and smooth-sounding digital reverb adds lush ambience to your guitar sounds and is tailored 
to the guitars sonic range while providing settings from a small room to cavernous hall as you turn 
up the knob.

The Auxiliary input allows you to connect your smartphone or digital music player to the amplifier 
and play along with your favorite music. The headphone jack can be used to practice late at night 
or in quiet environments, making the CM30R a versatile amp that can be used in variety of playing 

Input voltage: Varies Depending on the Region
Power requirement: 70W
Power outage: 30W R.M.S.
Rated load impedance: 8 Ohm
Speaker: Custom 10" Speaker