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The Ultimate Plexi Pedal…
kr 3 160,00
5+ på lager
Wampler’s “British Voiced Amp” style distortion gets a reboot… The ultimate mini pedal for classic rock and metal fans
kr 1 880,00
Based on an infamous circuit from a classic 1980’s high gain distortion pedal, the Ratsbane is Brian’s answer to the countless requests he has received to build his interpretation of this much-loved design.
kr 2 000,00
5+ på lager
11 custom designed modulation effects, presets, midi control, assignable expression pedal input, advanced routing…
kr 3 760,00
Triumph Overdrive
kr 1 430,00
Få på lager
With the first iteration of the Tumnus, Wampler perfected their take on the sound of THE myth…
kr 2 700,00
10+ på lager
The Tumnus, the most mythical and legendary overdrive/boost brought to you in a small enclosure; affordable, and most importantly…. available!
kr 2 000,00
10+ på lager
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