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Triton Audio AirHead

Attenuator -15dB for all types of microphones
kr 555,00

Triton Audio BigAmp

Phantom powered instrument preamp / high-quality DI
kr 895,00

Triton Audio BigAmp Piezo

Instrument preamp for piezo pickups, high-quality FET instrument preamp
kr 895,00

Triton Audio FETHead

Impedanse-booster for dynamiske- og båndmikrofoner
kr 895,00

Triton Audio FetHead Broadcast

Preamp for live and broadcast application
kr 1 795,00

Triton Audio FetHead Filter

Microphone preamp with high pass filter
kr 965,00

Triton Audio FETHead Germanium

Impedanse-booster for dynamiske- og båndmikrofoner med germanium harmonics
kr 1 095,00

Triton Audio FetHead Phantom

Preamp for condenser microphones which add 18dB of clean gain
kr 995,00

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