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Tone City Aviator Flanger

Produsent: TONE CITY
SKU: 1337583
kr 769,00
Aviator - Flanger
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  • It is a flanger pedal based on 100% pure analog circuit based on BBD chip. Profit from enough stock of BBD chip,vwe decide to design and manufacture this pedal.
  • Fourknobs: Speed, Regen, Width and Time. 
  • "Speed" controls the rotation speed of the flanger effect, which is highly adjustable. You can get metal edge timbre, water wave chorus, and rapid vibrating vibrato. 
  • "Regen" is regeneration, which works like the feedback on other flanger pedals,  and it can increase the effect of whistling or whining.
  • "Width" adjusts the effect's depth, 
  • "Time" controls the delay time of flanger effect