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T1030 Double Tom Stand features two separate Gyro-Lock tom holders for infinite angle adjustability. Each is attached to the stand with a removable 3-way ADP30 clamp, allowing independent height and angle positioning.
kr 4 239,00
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The TH1030S Tom Holder features a Gyro-Lock tilter for rachetless, multi-axis adjustment, and hinged, form-fitting stop locks to hold placement and position under the constant stress of the concert stage.
kr 1 493,00
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The 900 Series Tom Holders features our Uni-Lock Tilter with new advanced styling. Pearl's dual-action Uni-Lock system has full 180 degree up/down and 360 degree left/right motion for unparalleled tom positioning options and ease of use.
kr 885,00
The UX80 universal clamp helps you mount toms, remote hi-hats, or extend the reach or angle of existing adapters. Featuring a rotating quick-release clamp and 7/8" chrome shaft, the UX80 comes in the longer 13" and shorter 4" (UX80S) lengths for quick, secure attachment and easy adjustment and positioning.
kr 947,00
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Boomstativ med dobbel ramme for V-Cymbaler
kr 1 950,00
Kombinasjonsstativ med dobbel ramme for V-Pader og V-Cymbaler
kr 2 460,00
Pukstativ SingleStar
kr 2 495,00
Pukstativ Star HTW109W
kr 2 945,00
Y.E.S.S. Tom Holder (Triple)
kr 1 076,00
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