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Thomastik-Infeld Strings for Acoustic Guitar Plectrum Acoustic Series Set - AC113

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kr 276,00
Strings for Acoustic Guitar Plectrum Acoustic Series - Set ,013 - ,016 - ,025 - ,034 - ,047 - ,061
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PLECTRUM BRONZE strings are characterised by their combination of lower total tension and their different combinations of flat wound and round wound strings. - The wound strings have a silk inlay for precise, balanced overtones and a beautiful almost classic, warm sound. - easy to play like a set of good jazz strings - Becasue of the low, evenly distributed tension, PLECTRUMs can significantly extend the life of older guitars with thin tops or other age-related weaknesses. - AC 113 Medium .013-.061 - Treble: bronze-plated, plain steel strings. G-string bronze flat wound, D + A + E- strings, bronze round wound. - String tension 84 kping the evolving preferences in timbre, technique, and playing to their own imagination in pursuit of delivering perfection.