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Sequential Take 5

A full-featured subtractive synthesizer, the Take 5 sports two VCOs and a sub oscillator per voice, a classic 4-pole, resonant analog filter from the Prophet-5 Rev 4 design, 44 full-size keys, and a premium Fatar keybed.
kr 20 199,00

Yamaha Reface DX Mobile Mini Keyboard

FM synthesizer, discover new / genuine FM, reface DX goes retro 80s to cutting edge modern at the flick of a switch, multi-touch controls let you easily access FM synthesis
kr 5 099,00
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kr 21 899,00
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ARTURIA POLYBRUTE - Polyphonic Analogue Synth

An all-powerful 61-key 6-voice polysynth, with stereo dual-filter architecture, near-infinite tactile modulation capabilities, seamless sound-morphing, and never-before-seen expressive controls.
kr 33 890,00

Arturia Polybrute-Noir Ltd Ed.

Polyfonisk analog synth med 61-tangenter.
kr 33 890,00

ASM Hydrasynth - Keyboard

Ashun Sound Machines Digital Wave-Morphing Synthesizer
kr 20 250,00

Hydrasynth Explorer

The HYDRASYNTH EXPLORER is the ultimate in power and portability, offering the powerful Hydrasynth sound engine together with battery powered operation and a new ASM PolyTouch® polyphonic aftertouch mid-sized keybed.
kr 9 938,00

IK Multimedia UNO Synth

UNO Synth is the ultimate portable, monophonic, true analog synthesizer and IK Multimedia’s entry in the hardware synthesizer world.
kr 2 975,00
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Korg Arp 2600-M

The iconic ARP 2600 in a convenient size for the modern musician
kr 19 795,00
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ARP Odyssey synth kit. (obs. må bygges, bruksanvisning for montering inkludert)
kr 22 195,00

KORG Kross2-61-Mb Workstation

Power-packed, portable Performance Synthesizer/Workstation in Super Matte Black color.
kr 9 595,00
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KORG MicroKORG-Xl+ Synthesizer

A fresh update to the classic Microkorg sounds and look, making it an ideal compact keyboard.
kr 6 150,00
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