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Classic T, VNA, Swamp Ash, Maple

kr 29 190,00
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Suhr Classic J, Olympic White, Indian Rosewood fingerboard

Klassisk Jazzbass med moderne spesifikasjoner.
kr 34 990,00
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Suhr Classic T Pawlownia Trans White SX17729, Limited Run

Suhr Classic T Pawlownia Trans White.
kr 34 995,00
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Suhr Dual Boost

The Dual Boost is a versatile, dual-mode, transparent clean boost, housed within a compact, pedalboard friendly enclosure.
kr 2 825,00
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Suhr Jack Rabbit Tremolo

Jack Rabbit is a high quality analog pedal, that delivers a wide variety of tremolo effects – from warm wobble to whacked out. It features simple control over tempo by incorporating both tap, and strum tempo modes. It’s modulation rate spans from 1Hz to 20Hz and utilizes a tempo subdivision switch.
kr 2 825,00

Suhr Koji Compressor Pedal

kr 1 999,00
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Suhr Koko Boost

Koko Boost is a unique boost pedal that incorporates both a clean transparent boost and a selectable midrange boost.
kr 3 539,00
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Suhr Modern Satin (2020 Ltd), Island Burst, 510, HSH

E-gitar HSH Island burst, Roasted MN.
kr 39 995,00
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