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Gibraltar Snare stand 5000 Series - 5706EX

Extra high snare stand for orchestra and performers;Lightweight, double-braced construction. Single extendable. Adjustable height, approx. 66 - 102 cm. Without Memory Lock. Plastic adjusting screw. Gear tilter. For 10" - 15" snares. Also suitable for 14" wood hoop snares.
kr 1 233,00

Gibraltar Snare stand 9000 Series - 9706

Professional snare stand. Heavy and sturdy. Double braced legs with space-saving parallel profile. Single extendable. Height adjustable, approx. 33 - 51 cm. With Memory Lock. Metal set screw. Gearless 'Ultra Adjust' tilter with ball joint. For 10" - 15" snares. Also suitable for 14" wood hoop snares.
kr 1 550,00

Gretsch Hardware G3 Series Snare stands - GR-G3SS

1", 3/4", 5/8" tube joints with brass inserts;3 mm strong, double braced tripod;Gear tilter;Gretsch Style T-Rod screw and wing nut ;Nylon fibre memory lock;
kr 706,00

Gretsch Hardware G5 Series Snare Ständer - GR-G5SS

1-1/8", 1", 3/4" tube joints with brass inserts;4mm strong, double braced tripod;Tiltable in all directions by adjustable ball joint;Gretsch style butterfly screws and wing nuts ;Nylon fibre memory lock;
kr 1 147,00

Pearl S-1030D Snare Drum Stand, Low Position

Pearl 1030 Series Gyro-Lock Deep Snare Stand
kr 2 513,00
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Pearl S-1030L Snare Drum Stand, w/Gyro-Lock Tilter

The S1030L Pearl Concert Snare Drum Stand is a height extended version of the S1030 stand and features double-braced legs for added durability.
kr 3 398,00
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Pearl S-150S Snare Drum Stand, W/Convertible Base

A Pearl original, the 150 Series Convertible Flat Based snare stand is packed with features for the active gigging drummer.
kr 1 333,00
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Pearl S-930D Snare Drum Stand for Deep Snare Drum, w/Uni-Lock Tilter

The S930D Deep Shell Snare Stand features a shorter profile and dropped basket, making it ideal for adapting larger drums in a comfortable play setting.
kr 1 453,00
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Skarpstativ Star HS100W
kr 2 495,00
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Yamaha SS3 Snare Stand

Lightweight Snare Stand
kr 1 373,00

Yamaha SS662 Snare Stand

Side snare stand for 12" Snare drum
kr 1 049,00
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Yamaha SS740A Snare Stand

Snare stand, Single Braced
kr 1 199,00
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