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ART TPatch | Eight Point Balanced Patch Bay

8 Punkts Balanserad Patchbay By request
kr 693,00

ART TransX

TransX two channel microphone preamplifier features a new low noise discrete transformer coupled high performance preamplification circuit
kr 8 369,00

ART TransY

TransY compressor/limiter features a discrete, low noise transistor audio path using a Field Effect Transistor for level control producing incredible detail
kr 6 972,00

ART Tube MP Project Series

kr 2 003,00

ART Tube MP Project Series w/ USB

kr 2 022,00

ART Tube Preampsystem II

kr 4 104,00

ART TubeMP/C (PreAmplifier/Compressor)

mikrofonförstärkare / kompressor
kr 2 480,00

ART VoiceChannel

Mikrofonförstärkare för studiobruk By request
kr 9 487,00

ART XDirect

Aktiv DI-box
kr 699,00
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ART XPatch

ARTcessories XPatch organizes your cables and provides a convenient, easily accessible central location to make audio connections
kr 661,00
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ART ZDirect – Professional Passive Direct Box

Passiv DI-box
kr 499,00
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AUDIENT ASP800 - 8 kanalers mikrofon-preamp

kr 7 699,00
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