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Dixon Snare Wire 14" - 20 Str.

seider for 14" skarptromme, 20 strenger - Nickel Finish
kr 159,00

Drum Workshop Snare wire self-centering snare-wire system - 14" DWSMTT2014SC

Self-centering snare-wire system;Fits DW MAG Snare throw-off;
kr 464,00

Gibraltar Snare wire - SC-1316 - 13" 16 strand

– Fits 13″ diamter (1/pack)
kr 104,00
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Gibraltar Snare wire - SC-216A - 12" - 16 strand

– Fits 12″ diamter (1/pack)
kr 111,00

Pearl SN-1420C, C-type, Ultra Sound Snare Wire, 20 strands-14" w/strap&cord

C-Type Features increased tension in the outer wires with a slight "give" in the center wire section. Delivers outstanding tracking and response for louder musical stylings and metal-shell snare drums.
kr 309,00

Pearl SN-1420D, D-type, Ultra Sound Snare Wire, 20 strands-14" w/strap&cord

D-Type Features higher tension in the center wires for outstanding sensitivity; ideal for Classical/Symphonic play and wood-shell snare drums.
kr 309,00

Pearl SN-1420I, I-type, Ultra Sound Snare Wire, 20 strands-14" w/strap&cord

I-Type Features evenly tensioned snare wires for general purpose applications.
kr 309,00
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Pearl SPS-18/6 Plastic Snare Strap (6 pcs/pack)

Seidebånd av plast, lengde 230mm, bredde 18mm - pakke på 6 stk.
kr 34,00
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PureSound Ludwig Super Sensitive™ (1968-Present) 14 inch

Seidematte Vintage Ludvig Super Sensitive 1969-Present PS1416
kr 595,00