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Produsent: Schertler
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STAT B Vintage set kontrabassTECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONSnominal impedance 1.6 kOhmfrequency response 20 Hz to 12 kHzdynamic range 75 dBsensitivity (on instrument) ca. -25dBtemperature range -10°C to +50°Ccontacts all gold platedconnection chinch (RCA) to 1/4" jackStephan Schertler’s original bridge-mounted STAT-B is a simple system that effectively reproduces the complex tone of the double bass and also works with any bass amplifier. STAT-B is remarkable for its high resistance to feedback, making it an ideal system for rock, jazz or fusion performances with high levels of amplification. The standard STAT-B-VIN-SET includes pickup,cable and battery-powered STAT-PRE preamp with volume control.For all double-bass players: We recommend you use Velvet Stringsto obtain best possible performance in addition to Schertler sensors.