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Produsent: Schertler
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Schertler Lydia Vol
Electrostatic under saddle transducer for acoustic and classical guitars

Nominal impedance	100 Ohm
Frequency range	from 20 Hz to 18 kHz (+/- 3dB)
Electronics		Discret circuit Class A
Connections		Jack Stereo 6.3mm
Battery life		ca 270h
Battery			CR2450
Controls		Volume in Soundhole
Pickup Lydia		Electrostatic transducer

15 years of research and development in the field of under-saddle systems 
has culminated in Schertlers LYDIA. This revolutionary air chamber technology 
built around an ultra linear condenser microphone, with solid diaphragm and 
integrated electronic settings, has been specially designed to reproduce the 
true sound of your instrument. Safe and reliable in all kinds of performance situation,
 it delivers an impressive sound with enhanced dynamic.

LYDIA VOLUME includes an CLASS-A internal preamp, with volume wheel, installed in 
the sound hole. One lithium battery is supplied.

All models are available for steel and nylon string guitars. The technology is compatible
with previous SCHERTLER under-saddle systems, offering a practical upgrade option.