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Schaller GTM Tune-O-Matic Guitar Bridge - Gold

Produsent: SCHALLER
SKU: 1796194
kr 1 099,00
GTM tune-o-matic guitar bridge, 10,5mm spacing, 14"radius, gold
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High-quality Tune-o-matic bridge for all Les Paul™* type guitars

  • Compatible with post spacings from 74.0 - 74.5 mm

  • Features special retainer springs to prevent bridge rattle or string buzz

  • Saddles supplied without preconfigured string grooves allowing for individual string spacing

  • Saddles are from brass

  • Slant angle to be determined by guitarmaker based on scale length and string gauge.

  • Installation: the screws have to show to the tailpiece.

  • (*Les Paul is a protected trademark owned by Gibson Musical Instruments Corporation).

technical specification

distance height adjustment screws 74 - 74,5mm, string radius 12“ (usable for fretboard 12-16 inch), minimal G/d string height above body 13,7mm, weight 53g (70g with accessories), for lefty: yes