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Schaller Sec-Lock Blk.Chr
kr 460,00
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machine heads 3L3R Butterbean, 21,7x6mm solid shaft, nickel
kr 1 797,00
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GTM tune-o-matic guitar bridge, 10,5mm spacing, 14"radius, nickel
kr 849,00
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Gear ratio 1:16;Weight 26 g/pc;Bore diameter 8,3 mm;With thrust bearing;Synthetic button refined;
kr 582,00
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Allows an interesting pick-up combination for 3-way or 5-way lever guitars;High-quality material, sturdy metal casing, strong mobile parts and gold-plated strip conductors on the PCB for perfect sound, optimum functionality and long life span;Wiring diagrams at www.schaller.info;For Strat, available as 3- and 5-way model;
kr 225,00
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S-locks strap locks, chrome
kr 359,00
10+ på lager
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