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Revv G4 Distortion

Produsent: REVV
SKU: 5650937
kr 2 930,00
Clear, thick and cutting distortion pedal
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<p>Revv Amplification&rsquo;s Red Channel 4 is a thick gain monster that still has the nuance to cover oldschool tones. The G4 is an amp in a box distortion pedal based on this tone used by premier touring &amp; recording guitarists worldwide.</p><p>Applying feedback we&rsquo;ve received from the G3 &ndash; we&rsquo;ve developed the polar opposite to its surgical, mid-forward Purple Channel voicing. The G4 is a great&nbsp; place to start for thick saturated amp-like tones &amp; a complement to other Revv pedals or any existing rig.</p><ul><li><strong>Amp in a box:&nbsp;&nbsp;</strong><br />Big amp tone, organic feel, &amp; 3 voicing options in one distortion pedal.</li><li><strong>Plays nice with:</strong><br />Combos, Heads, Pedalboard Rigs, in Effects Loops, w/ Cab Modeling.</li><li><strong>Form Factor:</strong><br />Small Single-Space Enclosure, Standard 9v Power (center negative 9v external power supply only), Durable Construction, Top-Mounted Jacks, Blue LED, Laser Etching.</li><li><strong>Based on Revv Amplification&rsquo;s Red Channel &mdash;&nbsp;</strong>&nbsp;The channel that started it all &ndash; huge, satisfying tone that still slices through a mix. This amp in a box distortion pedal lets you bring that tone to a pedal-platform amp, fly-rig, studio, or even just a tight budget.</li><li><strong>Rich, Wide, Fat Tone &mdash;&nbsp;</strong>If the G3 is a scalpel the G4 is a sledgehammer. You will find huge extended low &amp; high end presence in this pedal with tons of gain on tap.</li><li><strong>Three Aggression Voices &mdash;&nbsp;</strong>&nbsp;Red for all out saturation &amp; thickness. Great for fat leads &amp; chunky rhythms. Blue reigns in extra frequencies a bit to tighten things up. Off will get you great classic tones, &amp; dynamic blues breakup.</li><li><strong>New Versatile Tone Possibilities &mdash;&nbsp;</strong>&nbsp;The extra sag makes Revv Amplification&rsquo;s G4 feel great &amp; work for everything from modern metal to classic rock. It&rsquo;s even an inspiring blues box with the gain rolled off!</li><li><strong>Build Your Own Tone &mdash;&nbsp;</strong>&nbsp;The G4 is a great way to build your own pedal-based rig around a clean amp, cab sim, or for studio use. Use with the G3 for rhythm&nbsp;+ lead, crunch&nbsp;+ high gain &ndash; &amp; combine with your current favorite pedals.</li></ul>