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Remo 10" Emperor Renaissance

The Emperor® Renaissance® features a warm, dark tone with a soft feel and added durability.
kr 304,00

Remo 10" Emperor Renaissance Crimplock

The Emperor® Renaissance® Crimplock® drumheads features controlled sustain and articulation, and have the warmest tone all Tenor drumheads.
kr 338,00

Remo 10" Emperor Smooth White

The Emperor® Smooth White™ drumheads feature focused midrange tones with increased durability and attack.
kr 249,00
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Remo 10" Emperor Smooth White Crimplock

The Emperor® Smooth White™ Crimplock® Tenor drumhead features Smooth White™ film with bright tone, attack and projection.
kr 294,00

Remo 10" Emperor Suede

The Emperor® Suede® features focused, warm tones with increased durability.
kr 159,00

Remo 10" Emperor Suede Crimplock

The Emperor® Suede® Crimplock® Tenor drumhead features a matte finish with warm tone and maximum articulation.
kr 294,00

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