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TaylorWare 4301-20 Taylor Blue Denim Strap,Gold Logo,2"

The Taylor Blue Denim Guitar Strap is a perfect harmony of leather and cotton, double-stitched with precision.
kr 630,00
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TaylorWare 4401-25 Taylor Strap, Embroidered Suede, Black,2.5"

The Taylor Embroidered Suede Guitar Strap bears a beautifully straightforward look. Aside from the embossed Taylor logo, this strap features no ornamentation, allowing our high-quality suede to speak for itself.
kr 630,00
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TaylorWare 4505 Taylor Strap Adapter, Med Brown

The Taylor Guitar Strap Adapter is made with "nubuck," a beautifully sanded genuine suede. This adapter provides a secure and easy mounting of any strap to the headstock collar. The adapter features an embossed Taylor logo and is available in either black or medium brown. Made in the USA. Taylor Model #4505 (Brown)
kr 105,00
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Yamaha RightOn! Guitar Strap Race Red

Simple, smart and vegan strap. Long range of 95-145cm to adjust the strap to the desired lenght. 6cm wide
kr 509,00
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