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TaylorWare 4301-20 Taylor Blue Denim Strap,Gold Logo,2"

The Taylor Blue Denim Guitar Strap is a perfect harmony of leather and cotton, double-stitched with precision.
kr 630,00
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TaylorWare 4401-25 Taylor Strap, Embroidered Suede, Black,2.5"

The Taylor Embroidered Suede Guitar Strap bears a beautifully straightforward look. Aside from the embossed Taylor logo, this strap features no ornamentation, allowing our high-quality suede to speak for itself.
kr 630,00
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Yamaha RightOn! Guitar Strap Race Red

Simple, smart and vegan strap. Long range of 95-145cm to adjust the strap to the desired lenght. 6cm wide
kr 509,00
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