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Radial PROD2 Stereo Passive Direct Box

Radial ProD2 Passive dual channel DI - Radial Transformers
kr 2 539,00
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Radial PRODI Passive Direct Box

Radial ProDI Passive DI - Radial Transformers
kr 1 599,00

Radial PRORMP Passive Reamper

Radial ProRMP - Passive re-amping device with custom transformer
kr 1 599,00

Radial PZ-DI Orchestral Instrument DI

Radial PZ-DI is a unique DI that is specifically designed for acoustic & orchestral instruments.
kr 3 899,00

Radial Radial McBoost - Mic signal booster 25dB for dynamic and ribbons

Radial McBoost - Mic signal booster 25dB forn dynamic and ribbon mics.
kr 2 899,00

Radial REAMP JCR Studio Reamper

The original passive Reamper
kr 3 229,00
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Radial REAMPERKIT J48 and X-Amp in convenient kit

Radial Re-amper kit - Re-amping kit contains J48 and X-Amp in case. PSU included
kr 6 269,00

Radial Stagebug SB-4 Active Piezo Direct Box

Radial Stage Bug SB-4 stereo DI for piezo pickups, lo-cut filter, 48 V phantom
kr 1 369,00
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