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QL GS 500 GUITAR STAND UNIVERSALUniversal Guitar stand with Self-Locking Yoke: when the guitar isplaced into the stand yoke, the instrument's weight will automaticallydrive the yoke safety barrier to engage. The safety barrier turns down tolock the guitar neck securely in place, preventing the instrument fromaccidentally falling off the stand. When the guitar is lifted from the stand the security arm will simultaneously turn back to its original position to free the instrument.The neck holder height can be easily adjusted to 5 different positions by simply pressing the spring-loaded push button behind the center hub to accommodate any size and shape electric/acoustic guitar and bass.Durable, injection-moulded soft rubber cushioning on yoke protects guitars from scratches and will not mar finish. Body of guitar rests safely against rubber covered side legs.Folds flat in a snap for easy storage and transport.SpecificationsSet-up height positions (6): 68 to 103 cm Base width: 49 cm Base depth: 32 cm Folded size: 66 x 15 x 10 cm Weight capacity: 16 kg Weight: 1.75 kg Color: Black